Handmade Jewelry & accessories, made primarily from Jump Rings.
Each one of our items is carefully assembled using small brass rings, linked together one by one in various unique patterns.

Our designs are inspired by the medieval 'chainmaille' technique, which was used for centuries in the making of knights' armours.


Our jewelry and accessories combine metal jump rings (plated brass coated with lacquer) with variuos materials such as leather, wood, fabrics and gemstones.
The combination of the ancient 'chain maille' technique with our modern, hip, urban designs creates a unique and original mix of old and new, medieval and contemporary.


Armatura came to life in 2008 when Rina Shecter, an artist and fashion designer, started experimenting with jump rings.

The good news traveled fast, and it wasn't long before Rina had opened up a concept store, dedicated to jump ring jewelry and accessories.

Rina later decided to pass the family business on to her daughter Noa, who studied Metalsmithing. Noa partnered with her childhood friend Yael, and together they now run Armatura, which has become a successful jewelry brand, with customers all over the world.